Massimo Parolisi: Prague is one of the most friendly for expats!

It seems, we will have more and more expats in Prague. What could they expect, if they need treat? Could they find and use for instance acupuncture or other methods of TCM or alternatives? We asked publisher of web magazine PRAGUE MORNING, Massimo Parolisi. Read his experiences and impressions:

Where are the most number of people among expats from?

Well, if we don’t consider the communities from Slovakia, the countries with the highest numbers of foreign nationals living in the Czech Republic include Ukraine (117,000), Vietnam (60,000), Russia (37,000) and the United States (10,000). In 2019, Germany and Poland had more than 20 thousand, Bulgaria and Romania around had 15,000, Brits 7,000. Italy and France around 5,000 but many of them are not registered in the Foreign Police, so they are probably much more.

Are expats in Prague community with many contacts inside?

Many expats in Prague are living like in a „bubble“, so after a few years you live here, you start to „recognize“ the same faces. Expats have their own favorite places in Prague, especially if we talk about clubs, wine and cocktail bars, etc.

Could they use healthcare system, medical care and benefits and support of life style comfortably?

If you are employed in a company, yes, you are officially registered in the VZP system. If you work as zivno, you have to pay VZP yourself. Regarding the benefits, that’s a bit complicated. For example, I’ve heard that you can get 30,000 Kc from your city hall for diapers when you have the first child. I don’t think many expats know that.

What about the topic to make better? Communication with doctors, care in hospitals, some steps for expats in social and health care system…?

Would be great to have an online system where expats could find a general practitioner or any specialist speaking their language. For example, find gynecologist that speaks French, or an ophthalmologist that knows German, or a pediatrician that knows a bit of Italian. A kind of database, „yellow pages“ list properly updated and with thousands of contacts.

Is Prague friendly for expats?

Probably one of the best in Europe, especially for digital nomads. Easy to move around by public transport, lots of cafes and co-working spaces, many events, and exhibitions every week. Sometimes, the language can be a barrier, especially in hospitals, post office, public buildings. But compared to 10 years ago, now almost everyone speak at least a bit of English.

What is the most surprising fact for foreigners in Prague?

In the first months, I think the food is a surprise for everyone. After a few years, you live in Prague, you get used to it and actually like it.

Do expats know acupuncture and other methods of TCM in their mother countries?

Yes, but still, is a niche market.

Could expats use health insurance from their countries for acupuncture at home?

Oh, actually I don’t know this, sorry! :)

But we could advice: If you need acupuncture, herbs, cupping, moxa, come to Share Care Center Prague 1? Revolucni 19, meet our therapist Rebecca from Sydney, now in Prague, English language native! 

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