EUROCENTER TCM pozváno do Shenyang


My name is JAN HOVORKA, Professor h. c. I am President and co-founder of EUROCENTER TCM PRAGUE, Czech Republic. My colleague Marketa Zelinkova was invited in Shenyang Conferrence as General Director, Professor h.c. and I would like add my speech after her presentaion.

Nearly 5000 years long history of TCM is known. Actually, is Chinese health care system sharing old knowledge and temporary results of science research and medical praxis. We know, TCM and western medicine are developing in Chinese medical care system in ballance

History of TCM in Europe is short. Maybe in ancient time we could find some similar ways. During last at about 50 years have been starting more and more TCM therapy centers. Most of them is in Central and East Europe. West European countries are focused on TCM a little bit longer time.

EUROCENTER TCM PRAGUE has the main aim – to share western and eastern medicine. Founded in 2020 with Chinese partner, there is big experience to prepare the best way of support of development TCM in our countries. It is sharing and exchange.

 We met many Chinese medical doctors, experts in sharing medicine. They use western and TCM for their patients. Historical knowledge is base, modern science and praxis is development. Chinese medical system is on the top in technology, innovation and education. We would like to be partners.

We met many European and American doctors in Czech Republic and Europe, to use TCM. All of them know, China is motherland of acupuncture, herbal medicine and other methods. We could think, there are some differences between patients for diagnosis and treating. Demographical, national, climate condition is different. But this is the reason to share

EUROCENTER TCM PRAGUE founded 2020, has been doing the first steps. It means to change information and communication. To inform patients, where they could look at help. To inform therapists, how to help them legally. To inform medical doctors, how to be educated the best.

It is the sense and issue of our work. Medical exchange, it means to invite colleagues to work here or to study at Chinese clinic. To change experience, the way of treating. To share everything with your help as leaders. Medical praxis exchange, it means to be near to the patients. We would like to invite visiting doctors, experts for prevention, healing, special diagnosis. They could spend a time in our country, three months or more. During this time, they could

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